Lø solves conflicts and locked situations in a way where both parties are winners. It’s the solution that’s the focus – not the fight.

A conflict is based on a sense of injustice. This feeling freaks the facts – and the situation is NOT solved by bringing more facts into the matter. Jussen is always a backdrop, but it is the emotions that are being attacked – and here comes the facts to briefly.

The feelings are taken seriously. They are often wounded and Lø’s methods find knagger to hang on. We never meet both parties simultaneously – only individually – and sometimes just one of them. But we find solutions – every time. Solutions that have two winners are lasting solutions

LØ’s methods and focus are particularly suitable for situations where the parties will have to do each other even after the case is resolved. As family disputes, legacy, cohabitation, neighboring affairs and conflicts at work.

But it does not have to go as far as conflict. LØ also works in performance groups – in business, sports and public sector – to get all the forces / employees to pull the rope in the same direction.

LØ also offers customized lectures, general coaching and mentoring one to one for business leaders.